The RLC mission is to build character through good sportsmanship and to emphasize athletic and academic excellence among participants through competition in the sport of lacrosse. We support the communities of San Ramon & Dublin.

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Raptor Update - Week of March 20th


*NEW - St. Patrick's Day Parade!

A spirited group of Raptor players, coaches & parents marched in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin again this year.

We carried the Raptor banner, gave out fliers, candy and this year added a Raptor cheer every 100 yards or so. We got lots of applause from the crowd.


Many thanks to coaches Sherri Osmond & Steve Hongkham and the Raptor players and parents who got up early to show their Raptor pride!

*Volunteer Hours - WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP!!! 

We are an ALL VOLUNTEER run organization. On game days, all positions (scorekeeper, timer, spotter, sideline manager, field set up/take down) need to be be filled or we will be forced to forfeit games. Please see below for detailed descriptions of each role. If you have any questions about the volunteer roles, please contact  .

Position descriptions

Sideline Manager: Watches the game with the parents and makes sure that all parents behave and follow all field rules. See below for more information about "Honoring the Game."

Scorekeeper: Sits at the score table and records which players score goals.

Spotter: Helps the scorekeeper spot which players score each goal and keeps the score board accurate during game.

Timer: Keeps time for each quarter during the game.

Set up/Take Down: Arrives before game to help set up goals and table & chairs for scorekeepers. If needed after game helps to put goals away and put table and chairs back.

These jobs are all very easy to learn the day of the game. You can be trained in less than 5 minutes and there are instructions and volunteers to help train you at the score table.

*Honoring the Game

We ask that parents who sign up to be the Sideline Manager to please take this position seriously. In order to assist parent volunteers in this role, we now have "Sportsmanship Cards" available to all sideline managers when they pick up their vests. These cards can be passed out to spectators whose behavior is not in line with US Lacrosse's commitment to maintaining a positive and sportsmanlike environment around the playing field. Please click here for more detailed information about being a Sideline Manager.

*We Need Photos!

Let's show everyone what an exciting game lacrosse is! We are asking for action and group photos of the players taken during the season to post on our website and social media pages. Please send your photos to our Social Media Chair,